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This form will be used by a Solicitor of at least 15 years seniority to draft your will
We charge £120.00 per will for a standard will. Once you submit this form we will contact you to confirm our fees with our terms and conditions. Only if you then sign to confirm your agreement of our fees are you then bound to pay our fees. we will then draft your will.
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Your full name:


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1st CHOICE EXECUTOR (compulsory)

Relationship to you:
2nd CHOICE EXECUTOR (optional)  



Relationship to you:


3.GUARDIANS To look after your children Help

I don't have any children

 I want the people listed below to look after my children.

Guardian 1 Name: 


Relationship to you:

Guardian 2 Name (optional):


Relationship to you:


4.RESIDUE (everything you own) Help

Please enter below the people you would like to inherit when you have passed away e.g. Children or Family.

Name: Share: Relationship to you:

Name: Share: Relationship to you:

Name: Share: Relationship to you:

Name: Share: Relationship to you:


5.OTHER BENEFICIARIES (in case the people named above die before you) Help

Nominate your children's children (your grandchildren, recommended): Yes  Someone Else

Name: Share: Relationship to you:

Name: Share: Relationship to you:


6.GIFTS (e.g. jewellery, money etc.) Help

(Please describe the gift/s accurately, give the full name of the person/s to receive the gift and their relationship to you)

characters left.



I wish to exclude (please give full names and relationships)

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As the 1st Testator I wish to be: 



You should consider giving a copy of your Will to the executors, guardians and/or your children.

Each extra copy is £9.00, and is a fully bound high quality version of the original.


SECURE VAULT STORAGE: £19 (One-off payment)
Your Will is invalid if it is lost, defaced or tampered with in any way. Secure Vault Storage offers you security and fireproof storage for your Will.
Yes (Recommended) No


8.) Funeral Requests

Requests can be recorded in your Will but friends and relatives should also be informed separately.

Your Executors are not under any obligation to carry out your wishes, they cannot cremate you if you have left a written Will forbidding this (Your Will).

If your requirements are very detailed or complicated it may be worth leaving separate instructions to the person or persons who are likely to carry out your arrangements and keep a copy with your Will.

7.) Exclusions

If you want to deliberately exclude someone from your Will write their full names here, it is also advisable to write a short note explaining who and why they are being excluded.

This should be kept with your Will and your Executors should be informed of its existence. Name people who may claim they have been excluded as an oversight. Indicate if the exclusion is mutually agreed.

Gifts 6.)

Please identify items as carefully a possible e.g. ‘My gold 1972 Rolex Watch’.

If you wish to give a general possession which may regularly change (e.g. your Car), write something like ‘any Motor Car that I own at the date of my death’. This distinguishes the gift from that which you owned at the time of making your Will.

Reserve Beneficiaries 5.)

This is needed in case the people named above die before you.

Many people choose to nominate their childrens children.

The Residue

The residue is everything left in your Estate after debts and any legacies have been paid.

You can leave everything to your spouse or partner but if they do not survive you by 30 days your estate can pass to your children (or grandchildren) or to other named beneficiaries.

A standard family Will normally has your spouse as 1st beneficiary then your children as reserve beneficiaries. Write full names of children and their present surnames.

The share they are to receive can be written as a percentage (e.g. 35%). Use the EQUAL SHARE option in the drop-down-menu and they will receive equal shares of your Estate.

In case all your previous beneficiaries fail to survive you, Reserve Beneficiaries can be named. Charities may be named as well as individuals in this section.

3.) Guardians

Appoint people who will look after minor children (under 18) after the death of both parents.

You can appoint a first choice and a reserve (2nd choice) or 2 joint 1st choices.

Choose people who will be acceptable to both sides of the family and most importantly to the children.

It is recommended that at least one Guardian be appointed as an Executor.

Unmarried Parents: The law only recognises ‘parental responsibility’ of the natural mother of children where the parents have never married. In this situation, the mother may give parental responsibility to the father by appointing him as guardian.

However in some cases it may be that the mother would wish to appoint alternative guardians in the event that she predeceases the father.

2.) Executors

These are the people that you nominate to carry out your wishes contained in your Will. You can nominate between 1 and 4 Executors or professional Executors such as a Trust Corporation or Probate Solicitors. If you nominate a person or persons then you don’t have to worry as they can appoint a professional to act on their behalf as Executor to do the whole job or to do any element of the job that the person you’ve nominated doesn’t feel confident to do themselves. The Executors job has many responsibilities so it’s important that you nominate someone who you trust and feel is capable of carrying out those Executors responsibilities adequately.

1.) First Testator

You are the person making the Will, (you are known as the First Testator).

Write in your full name including middle names.

Your Address at the time of making your Will has to entered in this section.

If you are known by another name in your everyday life you should enter both names.