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SSAS Practitioner are pension scheme administrators delivering effective SSAS set ups and administrative services for small business owners. For example loan backs to your business as sponsoring employer provides an immediate cash injection for your business. Contact our SSAS practitioner for more details. £970 (inc) SSAS Set Ups
achieve the highest results A SSAS is a Small Self Administered pension scheme that can be used to provide effective business solutions for small businesses. With you as the sole member-trustee and with the help of our SSAS practitioner you will be able to direct the investment strategy of the scheme to ensure you get the best possible returns for your pension savings. Alternatively SSAS Practitioner can provide up to date pension scheme documentation for your existing or new scheme. £670 (inc)Trust Deed & Rules
Time for a Change Take Control- SSAS Self Managed schemes are reported to out-perform the traditional insurance company pension scheme plans. Contact our SSAS Practitioner to take control of you pension fund through our SSAS today. £970 (inc) SSAS Set Ups

SSAS Practitioner Tax Advice

SSAS Practitioner provides advice on pension scheme tax regimes. For example you get tax free income with a SSAS by purchasing your business premises with your scheme and letting it back to your business. The end result being that the rent paid by your business helps grow your pension fund. Take control of your retirement savings by asking our SSAS Practitioner to set up your new pension scheme.

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SSAS Practitioner Business Planning

In addition to pension loans SSAS practitioner can advise on limited investment by your pension scheme into your business. Although limited to 5% speak to our SSAS practitioner on how this can be acheieved. Alternatively our SSAS practitioner can put you in touch with a number of independent financial advisers that can assist you in choosing the right investments for your scheme.

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International Funds

Contact our SSAS Practitioner about the range of SSAS investments available to a SSAS including shares purchases and overseas properties. However foreign commercial proeprty investments have a terrible reputation in the industry and must be looked at carefully with the assistance of our SSAS Practitioner.

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Self Managing

When you set up a SSAS pension scheme the trustee-member, you, manages the scheme which is the pension provider. By default you are also the administrator unless you decide to use the services of a SSAS practitioner like ourselves to assist you in wading through the volumes of laws and regulations that pension schemes are subject to.

A SSAS practitioner acts as a pension practitioner specialising in SSAS pension schemes. He takes responsibility for keeping the scheme abreast of pension laws and can be fined by HMRC personally for any breaches of pension rules by the scheme such as when it makes an unauthorised payment.
Let our SSAS Practitioner help you self manage your scheme.

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The Role of SSAS Practitioner

Our SSAS practitioner provides pension administration support to directors and key employees of companies and partnerhsips for whom the company sponsors a SSAS pension scheme. Limited to a maximum of 11 members all of whom must be trustees, we assist you in taking advantage of the numerous advantages of a self administered occupational pension scheme.

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SSAS Pension Loans

Generally a SSAS can lend up to 95% of the net vlaue of the fund to unconnected third parties. And although pension loans to members and those connected to them are prohibited, a SSAS unlike a SIPP may lend to the sponsoring employer, your business, subject to a maximum of 50% of the net funds in the scheme. Contact our SSAS Practitioner now for advice on SSAS loans to the sponsoring employer.

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SSAS Explained

Members of occupational pension schemes generally have little say over the way in which the fund is managed. This explains the popularity of Small Self-Administered Schemes ('SSAS') which are usually company-based schemes set up specifically for the benefit of the company directors usually under the guidance of a SSAS Practitioner. Our SSAS practitioner assisted scheme gives members this ability to self manage and invest in a wide range of investments. Learn more about a SSAS from our SSAS practitioner by calling 01752 250821.

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Occupational pension scheme

An occupational pension schcme is one that is established usually with the aid of a registered SSAS Practitioner to provide pension benefits for people with service in the employment (or self~employment) described in the pension scheme trust deed and rules. It may also additionally provide benefits to members who are not in that kind of employment (or self-employment). Most SSAS pension schemes established by employers for the benefit of their employees satisfy the definition of an occupational pension scheme in the Pension Schemes Act 1993, the main provision of which is that the seat of administration, be in the United Kingdom. As our SSAS Practitioner or SSAS practitioner administration service is based in the UK you will be able to set up a UK pension scheme if not fully based here.

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Pension Lawyer and SSAS Practitioner Combined Service

Our SSAS Practitioner also being a solicitor is able to draft the necessary documents to establish your SSAS Self Administered Pension Scheme. In addition to a SSAS our SSAS Practitioner also provides administration services for the larger occupational pension schemes against with the usual SSAS practitioner services. Contact our SSAS practitioner for a fixed fee quote on establishing a pension scheme for your employeees or if you are a business owner to set up your SSAS.

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